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We offer custom website building services at very affordable prices. Our development is based on your success!

Website Development

We specialize in web development since 2005 providing complete and customized solutions at very affordable prices. Now, in 2024, making use of all modern technologies and based on years of experience with dozens of projects under our belt, we can offer you the most advantageous and customized solution for the construction of your website.

Web development is the basis of any successful online presence.  Creating an effective and impressive website is vital for any business that wants to succeed online. With the right website construction, you can stand out from the competition, attract new customers, increase your sales and enhance your brand.

At INTERNETi we believe that every client is our partner since building a successful website is only achieved through constant and effective communication. Each of our partners is unique since they have their own vision, goals and success scenario which we recognize and honor from the beginning. For us every new project, simple or complex, long or short, is a new challenge and a new success scenario.

Contact us today to begin developing a unique and fast website that will drive success to your business. Combining advanced technologies with skilled professionals, INTERNETi is the ideal partner for your digital presence.

Web Development Services

We provide complete solutions in dynamic websites, e-shop construction, rent a car websites, hotel management systems, corporate presentation and corporate branding websites, electronic product catalog websites, transfers and tourist offices as well as custom applications according to your needs.

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Car Rental Fleet Management System

We provide a very efficient and comprehensive solution for businesses that operate in the car rental industry

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Rent a Car

Our online platform provides an ideal solution for companies that offer rent a car and rent a bike services and can increase sales as well as fortify brand awareness

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Corporate Website

We specialize in small company website construction and the creation of professional corporate presentation websites. We ensure modern and easy-to-use solutions for your online presence.

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Product Catalogue

Discover the ideal solution for building a product catalogue website with INTERNETi. We offer customized solutions for the optimal presentation of your products and services as well as your company and brand

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Car Rental Web Development

INTERNETi has developed one of the most complete Car Rental online reservation systems on the market. Our online platform provides an ideal solution for companies that offer rent a car and rent a bike services and can increase sales as well as fortify brand awareness. Rent a car websites by INTERNETi are developed using all the latest online presentation technologies and focus on ease of use while including a light speed built-in vehicle search engine, crystal clear search results along with all vehicle details, prices, additional extras and insurances. A good example can be found in one of your strategic partners RhoRent

  • Tailored exactly to the needs of car rental industry as well as your company
  • Priority on loading times, friendliness and efficiency of information and service presentation
  • Excellent on-site organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for better search engine rankings
  • Full management of fleet, stations, price lists, extra charges (e.g.: out of hours), optional extras and insurances
  • Excellent Conversion Rates (visits -> sales) and immediate revenue increase
  • Easy offer management system per station, group, vehicle and combinations
  • Comprehensive website system training as well as optional delivery with integrated content ready to use
  • Connection to the entire Google suite (analytics, Search Console & Sitemaps, Cloud Console, Google Business)
  • Proven and complete solution enjoying several customers and partners all around Greece

Please contact us for more information regarding our web development approach in order to send you the complete list and analysis of the system.

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Car Rental Web Development

Frequently asked questions for web development

See in detail some of the most frequent questions we receive from clients and visitors who are interested in building their own website with us. If you also have a new question about the construction of your website, we will be more than happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions for web development
All you need to do is contact us by phone at 6948625064 or by email at info@interneti.gr to discuss your needs and ideas. Depending on the type of website you want (eshop, rent a car, etc.) you will receive an offer from us within 3 working days. The offer includes in detail all the specifications and capabilities of the system, adapted to your needs based on our discussion. It also includes the price and delivery time.
By accepting our offer, the next step involves building a front page visual mockup. The mockup will be fully functional and responsive across all devices, so you can review it on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Next step is the handover of the admin management tool of the website. The admin section is a restricted environment that only you have access to and you can manage all the information of your website. In the case of an eshop or rent a car, it includes the customer list, orders, reservations, statistics, etc. With the delivery of your management system, we also proceed with the required training so that you can "fill" your page with content while receiving additional instructions and help from us if needed. Finally, we proceed to connect the administrative and database with the visual template, thus slowly producing each internal page of your website. In a fairly short time, and after the required checks, the page is ready to be delivered to you for use. But our work is not yet finished. The last, but very important step, is to register the new website in search engines and more specifically, Google. Connecting to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, preparation and submission of Google XML Sitemap as well as weekly monitoring for the first weeks to make sure that Google does not recognize any errors or warnings.
Our company offers to build only custom websites, but this does not mean that the prices are not affordable. For instance, company presentation websites are priced at 900 euros + VAT, the electronic catalog of products & services at 1500 euros +VAT, while the eshop and rent a car websites at 2,500 euros +VAT. The cost as well as the delivery time depend on the type of website you want. Contact us so that we can send you an official quote that includes a complete analysis of the system.
Yes, we can provide hosting for your website. The servers of the company we collaborate with, Hetzner Online GmbH, are in Germany. The cost is 60 euros per year +VAT, while the domain name is priced according to its extension and you can buy it from all known registrars. Indicative prices are 10 euros per year for domains with .com extension, and 20 euros per two years for .gr.
This is something that depends on many factors. The 2 most basic ones are how quickly you want to get results, and your area of business in relation to the competition. Advertising your website through Google Ads is a good solution for the first months of its operation, since organic results (appearance on the first page of Google without payment) is something that takes time, proper structure, quality and quantity of content, as well as analysis competition. For example, the keywords "Rent a Car in Rhodes" or "Rent a Car in Rhodes" are significantly more difficult than "Aliveri Apartments for Rent". All three examples are samples of our work. In the first 2 cases it took a lot of time as well as paid advertising to get our pages on the first page of Google, while in the last example it just took a little time. In both cases, the structure of the system (programmatically) as well as the structure, quality and quantity of content were perfect. Empirically speaking, paid ads through Google Ads tend to help organic results a lot if combined with main website keywords. Our company also undertakes Google Ads advertising through a specialized external partner if you wish.
The main difference is that our systems are custom, that is, they have been developed almost completely by us. Most companies in Greece and abroad use "ready-made" website systems such as the well-known WordPress, Magento, Open Cart, Presta Shop, etc. While these systems are adequate for most cases of website construction, they are sometimes difficult to configure and alter. Our systems are prepared exactly according to your measurements, your needs and your goals. Another important difference is the ease of use of the management admin section. The custom system does not include complex menus and submenus for managing the page. They are significantly easier to manage information, content, sales, clientele, reservations, etc. A basic training in our systems gives you the ability to manage your new website immediately. Finally, two more very basic differences are webpage loading times and the capabilities of the custom system in terms of organic on-site SEO. A custom system with a correct structure is much faster in loading the page (loading times), and therefore the speed of serving information to the visitor. Speed is a pretty important factor for Google as well when it comes to ranking in its results listings. Finally, custom systems tend to have much more properly structured and organized code in the Front-end without unnecessary pieces and inline css & javascript blocks, which delay loading and spoil the code to text ratio.
Our experience begins in the distant 2005, where on an individual level and after specialized studies in electronic commerce (MSc Electronic Commerce), a magical journey began to discover the world of website construction and internet software. Several years, companies and valuable experience later, developing a small and efficient team was the next step. In the current phase, our company has undertaken over 100 projects in total, small and large, while continuously developing systems and platforms for every industry where there is a need and demand. We currently have 6 ready-made platforms that include company presentation, presentation of electronic catalog of products and services, online stores (eshop), systems for car rentals (rent a car), transfer and excursion systems for tourist agencies, and Portals. Occasionally, we have also develop other interesting  systems such as: calorie counting website, company internal cash system, transfer management system and many more.
Unlike most of the competition, our company does not require any annual maintenance fees. Your only fixed costs are domain name renewal and website hosting renewal. Our cost is one-time while we provide maintenance when needed in case a programming errors if discovered. In cases of extensions or new functions of the website, the cost is per hour and varies between 20-30 euros +VAT depending on the case and the difficulty of implementation.
After the agreement and signature of the offer by you, our company requests 40% of the predetermined price in advance. The remaining 60% as well as 24% of the VAT are paid after the delivery of the system to you where the invoice is also produced by us. If necessary, there is also the possibility of payment in 2 - 3 installments of the total amount and this is done in consultation with us and requires a private agreement between the companies.
Yes, our company only grants usage rights for its programs and in no case grants rights for you or other companies to reproduce them. The programs' code is proprietary and subject to copyright. It is not allowed to grant any program or part of a program to another company, for this reason, our programs are hosted on our own servers or servers maintained by specific partners. Otherwise, our company has every right to take legal action to protect its copyrights as well as its customers or partners.
Villa Chrysa Rhodes
Pilates Athens Club
Travel Agency Rhodes Airport Transfers
Rent a car Filorent
Driving Academy
Law Office of Alexandros Tsapelis & Associates
Aliveri Apartments for Rent Ayra Rooms
Rent a car Rhorent
Travel Agency RodosApex
Eshop OnFeet

Responsive Web Design

your website offers perfect presentation and appearance on all devices, Desktop PC's, Laptops, Mini Laptops, Net Books, Tablets and Smartphones

Mobile First Design

using the latest version of Bootstrap, following Google's guidelines and the preferences of the majority of visitors (>80% Smartphones)

Custom Platforms

website systems based on proprietary software providing great ease of use at the administrative level and fast front-end loading times for visitors

Organic SEO Oriented

based on the Google search engine and aiming to rank high in its search lists through organic seo, dramatically reducing the permanently high cost of advertising

Loading Times

loading speeds of up to 80% on mobile and 100% on desktop & laptop through Google's PageSpeed Insights and the well-known GTMetrix tool


custom open source platforms tested through tools like Invicti & Acunetix, hosted on Hetzner Online GmbH web servers in Germany

Custom Web Design

custom mockup design on all levels and individual pages depending on the specifications of the object, color schemes and company logo

Full Customization

freedom of parameterization and absolute scalability according to the needs of each project without unnecessary code and unused software parts

Web Development Blog

Ideas and thoughts, brainstorming and experiments as well as interesting presentations regarding website development. This is our playground, a playground of coding, images and design. We analyze and discuss whatever comes our way!

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Loading Times and Speed

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Responsive Web Design part 2

Responsive Web Design part 2

Thursday, 03-11-22

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