Custom website development

Through our custom made software platform we have the ability to adapt efficiently to the needs and requirements of each separate project while focusing on uniqueness, security, usability, flexibility and loading speeds.

We recognize and honor the fact that each customer and partner is unique and carries on his own vision, goals and scenario of success. Because of this, we always try to provide the most personalized as well as specialized proposal and offer an efficient custom made solution.

Our logic underlying the development of websites and other online systems has nothing to do with creating a platform that supports many types of businesses or multiple purpose scenarios despite the fact that this would be an easy solution for us in terms of price and speed. On the contrary, we always make sure to design and implement a system according to your needs and requirements without unnecessary features and fields which will not be utilized. This way we provide enhanced content management in terms of speed and system complexity.

Moreover, we emphasize on system’s scalability and flexibility enabling future enhancements and changes without any restrictions and at very affordable prices.

Custom websites and online systems created by INTERNETi include complex APIs, module expansions and additional components for various research and development areas such as:

  • XML feeds for data distribution or connection between systems with different technologies
  • Data analysis and storage engines for weather information systems
  • Custom software for customer management systems, warehousing, logistics and product management
  • Web spiders and online crawlers for information analysis and storage
  • Secure connections with various online payment systems and banks
  • Online PV management and surveillance
  • Custom online systems for mass data storage and management
  • JSON feeds with content management systems specially designed for native mobile applications

There are no limits or boundaries in terms online systems development. We are always available to discuss, analyze and develop your ideas with extreme precision and efficiency.

For a detailed presentation of websites developed by INTERNETi please visit our Projects.

Custom website development
Custom website development
Custom website development
Custom website development
Custom website development
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