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If you are aiming to increase your sales and profit then the idea of creating an online shop can be a good choice. The development and construction of a successful e-shop requires careful planning and preparation while including an excellent corporate presentation, a comprehensive, up-to-date and well structured product catalogue, as well as a usable online environment where potential customers (visitors) are able to find and purchase products and services via a straightforward process.

One of the most important aspects in building a successful e-shop is the ease of use of the content management system. Online product management and structure development can be a difficult task, especially in cumbersome web management systems, something that prevents frequent renewal and update process of products and services.

Another important aspect when it comes to front-end (visitor’s environment), is the website’s loading time. It has been noticed that users tent to abandon slow loading pages with heavy graphics and imagery which can decrease online sales potential dramatically. The online environment must be pretty, usable, simple and easy to navigate while keeping fast loading times at all pages.

We have developed numerous online shops with a variety of customizations, according to clients’ needs and requirements, and we are able to offer you a complete, as well as unique, “ready-to-sell” e-shop.

Some of the program’s specifications:

  • Easy to manage and categorize your products and services.
  • Use of modern design and graphics offering a pretty, yet useful environment for online visitors.
  • Numerous navigation paths for online visitors through product categories, manufacturers of via plain text search.
  • Integrated filtering for enhanced navigation on pages where product listing is available.
  • Advanced online statistics at all levels, categories, sub-categories, products and services (times viewed, added to cart, purchased).
  • Fully manageable online clientele.
  • Unlimited number of products.
  • Search engine friendly (on-line SEO techniques).
  • Light speed loading times.
  • Fully manageable shipping cost calculation system.
  • Integrated corporate presentation along with sub pages including your corporate identity, terms and conditions, payment methods and shipping, secure transactions disclaimer, frequently asked questions and contact page.
  • 3 payment methods via online shopping secure systems (i.e. PayPal), cash on delivery and bank transfer.
  • Our online shopping systems include many other features and functions. Please contact us for more information in order to send you the complete list and analysis of the system.

For a detailed presentation of websites developed by INTERNETi please visit our Projects.

Web Development Eshop
Web Development Eshop
Web Development Eshop
Web Development Eshop
Web Development Eshop
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