Car Rental Fleet Management System

We offer an integrated fleet management system designed specifically for companies operating in the car rental sector. With Fleet Wise, managing your fleet is easier than ever. From organizing bookings to managing branches and instantly updating availability, our system offers a complete solution.

Our platform is easy and friendly to use, works in any environment and offers feasible fleet management with one click. With full base store and branch management, as well as branch grouping by region, you are able to manage your fleet with ease and efficiency.

Our web based software offers access from any device and operating system, while ensuring a secure environment for your data. With multiple users, multiple roles and classifications, and fast loading and running operations, you're sure to get the support and functionality you need.

With our capabilities for vehicle management, pricing, billing and tax analysis, and intelligent vehicle search, we're here to help you take your business in the car rental industry to the next level. Discover the full power of our system today and take advantage of our comprehensive solution for managing your fleet.

Rent a Car Management Software

With our platform, managing reservations and rental contracts is quick and easy. The ability to instantly update prices on every change ensures accuracy and transparency in your transactions. By using electronic lease contract signing and managing payments and refunds, the process is simplified and made more efficient for you and your customers.

Finally, with intelligent vehicle search and the ability to search by vehicle group, station, dates & times of delivery and pickup, we offer a customized experience of finding the right vehicle for each booking. With the ability to predict vehicle return overlap and full control and fleet insight for any date and station, we ensure smooth operation and efficient fleet management.

Pricing & Options

Discover a variety of customizable options designed to optimize your operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction. Explore each package option below, along with detailed features, benefits, and transparent pricing to find the perfect fit for your fleet management goals.



  • Up to 3 operators
  • Up to 3 stations
  • Up to 100 Vehicles
  • Help Desk Support via Ticket



  • Up to 5 operators
  • Up to 5 stations
  • Up to 500 Vehicles
  • Help Desk Support via Ticket
  • Financial, Expenses & Invoicing
  • E-Signature
  • Easy CheckOut & CheckIn
  • Connection to Prosvasis Go Run



  • Up to 10 operators
  • Up to 10 stations
  • Up to 1000 Vehicles
  • Financial, Expenses & Invoicing
  • E-Signature
  • Easy CheckOut & CheckIn
  • Connection to Prosvasis Go Run
  • Passport & Licence Reader via Phone/Tablet
  • Manage Agents & Co-operators Commissions
  • Help Desk Support via Phone & Ticket

Addons & Options

We offer a variety of addons that can be combined with all packages above

Addon Price
Extra Operator 30/yr
Extra Operators (pack of 5) 120/yr
Extra Stations (pack of 5) 100/yr
Extra Fleet Vehicles (pack of 100) 50/yr
Extra Fleet Vehicles (pack of 1000) 400/yr
XML Connection with website(s) to
Offer live availability and manage reservations (Receive Reservation, Cancel Request, Ammendments) *per connection
Deployment Fee (does not include data input) Free
4hrs Basic - 8hrs Advanced - 16hrs Pro respectively
Extra Training / Data Input 30/hr
custom addons & features
*Prices above do not include V.A.T
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