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INTERNETi has developed one of the most complete online booking system on the market regarding car rental web development. Our car rental reservation system provides an ideal solution for companies that provide car rental services.

We specialize on car rental software development and car rental web design. Our car booking systems use all the latest technologies and focus on ease of use.

Car rental website development key points

Creating a successful car rental website involves integrating several key elements to ensure:

  • user friendly environment: A seamless and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to search for cars.
  • simplified online car reservation: A straightforward booking process that allows customers to reserve vehicles quickly and efficiently, reducing friction and enhancing convenience.
  • detailed information about car rental company: Comprehensive details about the company's services, history, and policies to build trust and inform potential customers.
  • multiple options for payment gateways: Integration with various payment methods to accommodate diverse customer preferences and ensure secure transactions.
  • customer satisfaction: Focus on features and services that improve user satisfaction, such as transparent pricing, and quality assurance.

Car Rental Web Development

What are the basic elements for a car rental website?

We create effective and engaging car reservation systems which build trust with potential customers and ensure great user experience.

  • Corporate identity page: presents the company, its identity and its history. It gives customers a first impression while giving them prestige and security to proceed with the rental process.
  • Frequently asked questions: a list of the most frequently asked customer questions based on experience. Straightforward answers help customers understand booking procedures, age limits, required documents etc.
  • Detailed fleet presentation: organizing fleet presentation, use of advanced filters to help visitors find ideal car.
  • Detailed station presentation: including map location, operating hours, contact numbers and photos.
  • Trust pages: such as terms of use, payment and transaction security, rental terms, privacy policy.
  • Contact page: page for direct contact with the company, showing all the ways of contact, phone numbers, email, and contact form.


Car Rental Website advanced search filters


What are the niche details a Car Rental business website should have?

we cover the following:

  • Fleet management via categories (i.e. Small, Econmy, 4x4)
  • Management of ACRISS codes for vehicles
  • Detailed vehicle management system including cars and bikes
  • Management of vehicle extras and insurances
  • Pricelist management per station and period
  • Full clientele management
  • Booking and reservations management
  • Integrated reporting system covering multiple levels and data export
  • Integration with secure payment systems for online payments
  • Our rent a car systems include many other features and functions.

Custom car rental systems: Understanding your unique needs 

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art and personalized Rent a car website for your business? We understand that every business is unique and may have additional needs that go beyond the standard features. This is where our skilled team of developers excel.

Our expert team ensures that we thoroughly understand the needs and requirements of your business. Our team leverages our extensive experience and technical expertise to provide solutions based on the latest developments in the field of Rent a Car website development.

Why create a Rent a Car Website with us?

We have developed on of the most complete, ready to go, systems especially designed for car rental companies. Through our tailored solution, you will be able to set up and manage all information needed with ease, no extensive training is required since our Admin Section is extremely user friendly.

Creating a visually appealing website is just the beginning. The combination of success is beautiful design, easy and quick completion of the car rental process, and most importantly, high ranking in organic search results!

Only if your Rent a Car website is in the top positions of the results will you get the necessary traffic that will translate into car rentals, because success is always judged by results.

Adhering to Google's guidelines, we prioritize site speed and performance, ensuring that your website not only looks great, but also ranks high in search engine results.

Throughout the development process of your website, we maintain open lines of communication, providing you with regular updates on each section of your website. We value your input and take your requests seriously. Working together as a team, we aim to achieve the common goal of creating a website that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

What advantage do I have if I select your system?

Our car rental web solutions are custom made and specially designed to meet your exact needs. That means there are no excessive menus or options and the environment is very easy to use.

Moreover, our front-end is one of the quickest (if not the quickest) on the market since it is also custom made, based in the latest version of Bootstrap (v.5).

No large, time consuming, external JavaScript are used except for the minimal ones making the website’s loading times lighting fast. Loading times are very important for two main reasons. Rental Conversions and Google Organic SEO.

If you want to learn more please visit our latest article Loading Times and Speed and you will understand that we took our front-end framework to a totally different league compared to competitors.

How flexible and well-focused is your system regarding rent a car companies?

Extremely since our system is written from bottom to top specifically for car rental companies. You will be able to manage all your fleet in detail, car categories, models, Car Codes, Acriss Codes, Extra Services including rental equipment and insurances.

You will also be able to manage walk-in Stations, meet and greet points, Office Hours, One way connections and fees, after-hours and delivery collection fees, Pricelists with extensive options as advanced seasonality, last minute requests, early booking options, and last but not least, an easy to manage Availability system and an Offers section, both easy to use and flexible (based on stations / specific models / promo codes if needed and much more).

Do you offer ready-to-use solution apart from training?

We are able to offer a ready to use solution which includes the system and all required data-input, car categories, car codes, models, stations, pricelists, extras and insurances, offers and availabilities as well as required pages such as about us, contact us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, Frequently asked Questions, and articles regarding car rental in your area.

Moreover, we will help you create your Google Business Profile, set up Google analytics and Google Search Console Tools, create and submit a Google XML Sitemap and monitor the website for the first months. Last but no least, we also offer Google Ads solutions to boost your new website to Google’s first search rankings at very affordable prices. 

We like to build partnerships. Your success is our priority and we are dedicated to providing the best possible results that not only meet your needs but also align with Google's guidelines. Our team will always be available even after we deliver your Rent a Car website to solve any questions you may have, but also to give you the necessary instructions and monitor its progress.

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Website Development Rent a car
Website Development Rent a car
Website Development Rent a car
Website Development Rent a car
Website Development Rent a car
Website Development Rent a car
Website Development Rent a car
Website Development Rent a car
Website Development Rent a car
Website Development Rent a car
Website Development Rent a car
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