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We specialize in website development providing premium quality services and solutions at very affordable prices. We offer fully features – “ready to go” solutions for dynamic websites, B2B and B2C electronic shops, rent a car websites, hotel management systems, corporate digital branding, electronic catalogues as well as custom web applications according to your needs and requirements.

Corporate website development

Corporate websites are the most “common” type of websites since the creation of the World Wide Web. A modern corporate web presentation is a “must”, especially nowadays as the World Wide Web has millions of visitors, fans and enthusiasts from all over the world. Our logic is simple and clear and it can be described in just one sentence: “if you want a corporate website, make sure it is well thought and constructed”. The reason is also quite simple, an outdated or abandoned website can cause more harm than good. A corporate website is a real-time showcase of the company, competing in a global market of thousands of people (the web). We strongly believe that the efficient construction of a proper corporate web presentation is a joint effort between website experts (us) and experts in the field / profession we want to advertise (you). Through our custom made software platform we offer you the ability to manage your corporate website at all levels while focusing on the development of...

Product catalogue website development

The web product catalogue provides a much more detailed corporate presentation since it includes a comprehensive and well structured view of your company’s products and services. Through our custom made software platform we offer you the ability to manage your corporate presentation in detail, as well as create a complete and analytic portfolio including all products and services provided by your company. More specifically, via our content management system you are able to manage Product Categories and Sub Categories in order to create a proper structure. Moreover, you can manage your products and services at each level along with detailed information such as product code, title, description via modern word processing software, imagery and photo gallery, video via YouTube, prices if needed, promote product to the homepage as well as set availability options. Regarding your corporate presentation, you are able to manage all the necessary sub-pages and sections as well as the main...

Eshop website development

If you are aiming to increase your sales and profit then the idea of creating an online shop can be a good choice. The development and construction of a successful e-shop requires careful planning and preparation while including an excellent corporate presentation, a comprehensive, up-to-date and well structured product catalogue, as well as a usable online environment where potential customers (visitors) are able to find and purchase products and services via a straightforward process. One of the most important aspects in building a successful e-shop is the ease of use of the content management system. Online product management and structure development can be a difficult task, especially in cumbersome web management systems, something that prevents frequent renewal and update process of products and services. Another important aspect when it comes to front-end (visitor’s environment), is the website’s loading time. It has been noticed that users tent to abandon slow loading pages w...

Rent a car website development

INTERNETi has developed one of the most complete online reservation systems on the market. Our online platform provides an ideal solution for companies that offer rent a car and rent a bike services and can increase sales as well as fortify brand awareness. Rent a car websites by INTERNETi are developed using all the latest online presentation technologies and focus on ease of use while including a light speed built-in vehicle search engine, crystal clear search results along with all vehicle details, prices, additional extras and insurances. Website visitors are able to search online, compare prices, view vehicle availabilities as well as proceed to vehicle reservation and pay online through secure payment systems such as PayPal. All of the above is combined with an efficient and comprehensive corporate presentation which includes: Corporate identity information Frequently Asked Questions system (FAQs) Advanced fleet presentation Enhanced station presentation Sub pages w...

Portal website development

We specialize in the development of Web Portals focusing on modern design, well-organized information structure and usability. We provide high quality services when it comes to Portal web development covering numerous types and structures of web portals such as business directories, news and articles, integrated business catalogues, advertising and promotion websites as well as high end technology showcases. We offer sophisticated content management systems where customers are able to manage efficiently all the information, online data and content including texts, photos and imagery, audio visual enhancements (Sound – Videos), news, articles and events, advertising companies and products, banners, online polls, information directories and much more. Portal web development and customization is one of the most interesting challenges and one of our strongest areas of expertise as a company. We are at your disposal to discuss and create your ideas and vision. For a detailed present...

Custom website development

Through our custom made software platform we have the ability to adapt efficiently to the needs and requirements of each separate project while focusing on uniqueness, security, usability, flexibility and loading speeds. We recognize and honor the fact that each customer and partner is unique and carries on his own vision, goals and scenario of success. Because of this, we always try to provide the most personalized as well as specialized proposal and offer an efficient custom made solution. Our logic underlying the development of websites and other online systems has nothing to do with creating a platform that supports many types of businesses or multiple purpose scenarios despite the fact that this would be an easy solution for us in terms of price and speed. On the contrary, we always make sure to design and implement a system according to your needs and requirements without unnecessary features and fields which will not be utilized. This way we provide enhanced content manageme...
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