Website Development Rent a car website

INTERNETi has developed one of the most complete online reservation systems on the market. Our online platform provides an ideal solution for companies that offer rent a car and rent a bike services and can increase sales as well as fortify brand awareness.

Rent a car websites by INTERNETi are developed using all the latest online presentation technologies and focus on ease of use while including a light speed built-in vehicle search engine, crystal clear search results along with all vehicle details, prices, additional extras and insurances.

Website visitors are able to search online, compare prices, view vehicle availabilities as well as proceed to vehicle reservation and pay online through secure payment systems such as PayPal.

All of the above is combined with an efficient and comprehensive corporate presentation which includes:

  • Corporate identity information
  • Frequently Asked Questions system (FAQs)
  • Advanced fleet presentation
  • Enhanced station presentation
  • Sub pages with Terms of use, payment methods and secure transactions disclaimer
  • Detailed contact page

In terms of web design and accessibility we make use of Responsive web design in order to make the website perfectly visible and accessible from all modern online navigation devices such as Desktop PCs, Laptops, Mini Laptops, Net Books, Tablets and Smartphones.

Other system details include:

  • Management of vehicle categories (i.e. Small, Econmy, 4x4)
  • Management of ACRISS codes for vehicles
  • Detailed vehicle management system including cars and bikes
  • Stations management system where stations are categorized by provinces, islands and areas including detailed station information such as address, telephone numbers, station type(airport, port etc.), map via Google Maps, timetables, working periods, station fleet and much more
  • Management of vehicle extras and insurances
  • Pricelist management per station and period
  • Full clientele management
  • Booking and reservations management
  • Integrated reporting system covering multiple levels and data export
  • Integration with secure payment systems for online payments
  • Our rent a car systems include many other features and functions. Please contact us for more information in order to send you the complete list and analysis of the system.

For a detailed presentation of websites developed by INTERNETi please visit our Projects.

Website Development Rent a car website
Website Development Rent a car website
Website Development Rent a car website
Website Development Rent a car website
Website Development Rent a car website
Website Development Rent a car website
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